“The #1 Tool to Love Your Neighbor as Yourself”
- Dave Ferguson
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Be a Light
We equip you to become a beacon of Christ's love in your neighborhood with the BLESS practices. It’s free and confidential.
Join an ever-growing community of Christ followers who are dedicated to being a Light in their neighborhoods by:
  • Begin with Prayer
  • Listen
  • Eat
  • Serve
  • Share your Story
We provide all the tools you need to get to know your neighbors by name, helping you build genuine relationships with them. Use your dashboard to track your interactions and spiritual journey with each neighbor. Optionally, receive daily reminder emails or app notifications with a prompt to take simple steps to bless five neighbors each day.
Individual users praying for their neighbors.
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Empower Your Ministry with Our Church Tools
Unlock the full potential of your church's community outreach with our suite of specialized tools designed to enhance your service and connection. Discover how each resource can transform your ministry:
  • Free Tools: Gain insights into the number of active Lights connected to your church and access comprehensive data on the BLESS steps they've taken. See real impact in real time, helping you guide your community efforts more effectively.
  • Bless Partner: Deepen your understanding of each member’s missional activities. Learn who your Lights are and view detailed information they share, enabling you to better support and engage with your congregation in their spiritual journey.
  • New Movers: Be the first to welcome new neighbors. Our New Movers tool alerts you when new people move into your community, allowing your church to extend a warm welcome and provide support as they settle in.
  • Community Connector: Tailor your ministry to meet the specific needs of your locality. This powerful tool provides in-depth demographic information about your community, helping you make informed decisions to best serve those around your church.
Randy Frazee
Pastor & Author, Westside Church
Kevin Palau
President, Luis Palau Assoc.
Jimmy Dodd
CEO & Founder, PastorServe
Andrew Adudu
Church Partnerships & LoveKC
America Prays
"We are excited to partner with Bless Every Home to pray for 2.2 million people in Greater Austin by name and share Christ with them. We believe the pray-care-share tool that Bless Every Home has developed is robust and easy to use."
Love KC
"BlessEveryHome.com is our primary tool to equip people to live on mission and live a BLESS lifestyle. We use BlessEveryHome.com to track our progress and help disciples live their faith with confidence."
Westside Family Church
"Jesus' idea of loving our neighbor is the only truly, effective and scalable plan to reach and care for the world. Bless Every Home is an essential tool to activate and sustain this worthy mission."
The Cape Fear Network of Baptist Churches
"BlessEveryHome.com encourages and resources our people to cultivate a lifestyle of Prayer, Care, Share, and Disciples. It is even more powerful as we couple it with the New Movers for our region and we also use it to pray for ethnic groups."
Bless Austin
Lake Mary Church
South Carolina Baptist Convention
Vision Orlando
Mountain City Church
Hill Country Bible Church
Mountain View Church
Quail Springs Baptist Church
North Cleveland Church of God
Lenexa Baptist Church
SBC Virginia
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