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Last updated: May 03, 2024
1. Introduction

This Data Use Policy ("Policy") constitutes a legally binding agreement between The Flourishing Cooperative ("we," "us," or "our") and the users ("Users," "you," or "your") of The Bless App ("the App"). By registering for an account and accessing the data through the App, Users affirmatively agree to abide by the terms set forth herein. This Policy stipulates the permissible uses of data provided by the App and the legal responsibilities of its Users. We reserve the right to divulge user account usage and profile details to law enforcement should we deem it necessary.

2. Purpose of Data Use

Data accessed via the App is provided exclusively for the facilitation of Christian ministry activities. Such activities must be directly related to and in support of the Users' ongoing relationship with the App. Any utilization of the data for purposes beyond the scope of Christian ministry, as determined in our sole discretion, is expressly forbidden.

Definition of Christian ministry activities:

For the purposes of The Bless App Data Use Policy, "Christian ministry activities" are defined, but not expressly limited to, as follows:

  • A. Outreach and Evangelism: Activities aimed at spreading the Christian faith and gospel message to individuals in a given area, which may include sharing religious materials, conducting Bible studies, or engaging in conversations about Christianity with the intent to encourage spiritual growth and understanding.
  • B. Community Service and Charitable Works: Actions undertaken to assist individuals and communities in need, reflecting Christian values of compassion, love, and service. This includes providing food, clothing, shelter, and other forms of aid to the less fortunate, as well as supporting social justice initiatives aligned with Christian teachings.
  • C. Worship and Fellowship Events: Organizing and inviting individuals to participate in worship services, prayer meetings, religious ceremonies, and fellowship gatherings that promote spiritual nurturing, worship, and community building within the Christian faith.
  • D. Spiritual Counseling and Mentorship: Offering guidance, counseling, and mentorship based on Christian principles to individuals seeking spiritual, emotional, or moral support.
  • E. Educational Programs: Conducting or promoting educational activities that aim to teach or inform about Christian beliefs, values, and scriptures, including but not limited to Sunday schools, Bible studies, and religious workshops or seminars.
  • F. Missionary Work: Engaging in mission work, both locally and abroad, with the aim of serving communities and individuals in need, promoting Christian teachings, and establishing or supporting churches and Christian institutions.

The use of data about people in a given area under this policy is strictly limited to these and reasobably similar activities. Any use of data must respect the privacy and dignity of individuals and comply with all applicable laws and regulations concerning data privacy and protection. Activities must not include proselytizing in a manner that is coercive, invasive, deceptive, or disrespectful of individuals’ rights and freedoms.

3. User Obligations and Conduct

Users of the App agree to:

  • A. Represent and Warrant: Users shall represent and warrant that all information provided during the account registration process and all subsequent uses of the App is, and will continue to be, truthful, accurate, and complete. Any misrepresentation, falsification, or omission of information shall constitute a material breach of this Policy, subjecting the User to potential legal action and termination of their account.
  • B. Limit Data Use: Users shall strictly limit their use of the data to activities that are unequivocally related to Christian ministry and shall comply with all applicable legal statutes and regulations. Any deviation from this purpose or violation of applicable laws will be regarded as a serious breach of this Policy, leading to possible legal repercussions and account termination.
  • C. Safeguard Data Confidentiality and Integrity: Users must implement and maintain all necessary and appropriate security measures to protect the confidentiality and integrity of the data accessed through the App. Users are obligated to prevent any unauthorized access, use, or disclosure of the data, and failure to do so will result in legal action and potential termination of their account.
  • D. Restrict Data Dissemination: Users are prohibited from disseminating, sharing, or otherwise providing access to the data to any third parties without our express written authorization. Unauthorized disclosure or sharing of data will be treated as a significant violation of this Policy, incurring legal action and immediate termination of the User’s account.
  • E. Prohibit Discriminatory Use of Data: Users must not misuse the data in any manner that targets minority groups or individuals negatively. Engaging in discriminatory practices, hate speech, harassment, or any activities that infringe upon the rights or dignity of individuals based on protected characteristics is strictly forbidden. Violations of this provision will result in severe penalties, including but not limited to, termination of the User’s account, legal proceedings, and the imposition of civil and criminal penalties under applicable anti-discrimination laws.
  • F. Mandatory Notification: Users are required to notify The Flourishing Cooperative within 48 hours upon becoming aware of any unauthorized use, disclosure, breach of the data, or any other infringement of this Policy. The failure to promptly report such incidents will be viewed as complicity and may lead to legal action and termination of the User’s account.

The Flourishing Cooperative unequivocally reserves the right to pursue all available legal remedies to address and rectify any such violations, including but not limited to seeking injunctive relief, damages, and legal costs.

4. Prohibited Activities

Users are explicitly prohibited from:

  • A. Commercial, Political, or Unrelated Ministry Use: Users shall not, under any circumstances, utilize the data for commercial endeavors, political campaigning, or any activities that are not directly and unequivocally related to Christian ministry, as explicitly defined within this Policy. Any such misuse of the data will be deemed a material breach of this Policy, subjecting the User to immediate termination of access, legal action, and potential financial restitution.
  • B. Data Mining and Extraction: Users are strictly forbidden from engaging in any form of data mining, scraping, or employing automated or manual data extraction or gathering methods. Violation of this clause constitutes a severe breach of this Policy and will trigger legal actions, including but not limited to, termination of User access, civil litigation, and potential criminal charges.
  • C. False Accounts and Misrepresentation: Users are prohibited from intentionally creating accounts with inappropriate names or falsely misrepresenting themselves as a church or any other entity. Such actions are recognized by the User as constituting harassment and may lead to legal recourse, including civil and criminal proceedings, as well as immediate termination of the User’s account.
  • D. Unauthorized Access or Viewing: Users are prohibited from allowing, either intentionally or through neglect, any individual or entity who has not expressly agreed to this Policy or our Privacy Policy, to access or view the data. Breach of this provision will result in severe legal consequences, including but not limited to, immediate revocation of the User’s access and pursuit of legal remedies.
  • E. Unauthorized Alteration or Distribution: Users must not alter, distribute, create derivative works from, or engage in any form of unauthorized use of the data without obtaining prior written consent from us. Such unauthorized actions constitute a grave violation of this Policy and will lead to immediate legal action, including the pursuit of civil and criminal penalties under applicable laws.
5. Monitoring and Enforcement

We reserve the right to monitor all activities conducted through the App to ensure full compliance with this Policy. Any breach of this Policy may result in immediate termination of your access to the App, legal proceedings against you, and the imposition of financial penalties, at our discretion. Furthermore, we reserve the right to divulge user account usage and profile details to law enforcement authorities should we deem it necessary for the enforcement of this Policy or in response to legal processes.

6. Legal Penalties and Remedies

In the event of a breach of this Policy, you agree to be liable for any resultant damages suffered by us or our stakeholders, including, but not limited to, compensatory, incidental, indirect, consequential, or punitive damages. You also agree to pay fines assessed by us for the violation of terms in this agreement, subject to legal limits. We, at our sole discretion, may suspend, delete, or take control of operating any account we believe to be in violation of this agreement for the purpose of protecting ourselves, our stakeholders, and our customers.

We will exercise our discretion in a manner that is fair, reasonable, and consistent with the objectives of this Policy. We will provide a rationale for decisions when appropriate, especially in cases leading to the termination of access or other significant actions affecting Users.

7. Account Creation and Agreement
The act of creating an account with the App signifies your acceptance of this Policy and our Privacy Policy. You are responsible for regularly reviewing the terms of this Policy and maintaining compliance with its provisions at all times.

8. Amendments

We reserve the unqualified right to amend, alter, or otherwise change this Policy at any time and in our sole discretion. We will attempt to notify Users of any such changes, but it is the User's responsibility to remain up-to-date on the terms, as the latest version will be provided at all times on the website and a dated version history will be kept in our records.

9. Severability

If any provision of this Policy is found to be invalid, illegal, or unenforceable, such finding will not affect the validity, legality, and enforceability of any remaining provisions of this Policy. Instead, a valid, legal, and enforceable provision that most closely matches the intent of the original provision will replace the invalid, illegal, or unenforceable provision.

10. Governing Law

This Policy shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the State of Florida, without giving effect to any principles of conflicts of law. You agree to submit to the personal jurisdiction of the courts located within the State of Florida for the resolution of any disputes arising out of or related to this Policy.

11. Contact Information

Should you have any questions or require further clarification regarding this Policy, please contact us at

By using the App, you expressly acknowledge that you have read, understood, and agree to be bound by the terms and conditions of this Data Use Policy, our Privacy Policy, and that we reserve the right to divulge user account usage and profile details to law enforcement as deemed necessary.

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