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Bless Partner
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Enhanced tracking of your members' pray-care-share progress.

The best place to start

Our Bless Partner solution is the recommended starting product for churches and network organizations. It gives you the tools you need to transform member homes into mission outposts by encouraging them to live out a Pray-Care-Share lifestyle.

Please watch the full video to understand how you can track the progress of your members who are Lights to their neighbors with the Bless Partner solution, and how, combined with our other tools, you will maximize your impact on your community.


Our free service already provides a real-time dashboard and promotional tools. In addition to those, with this addon you get:

Network map Lights map Homes prayed for Homes cared for Homes shared with Homes discipled Adoption coverage Prayer coverage Caring coverage Sharing coverage Discipling coverage Network CSV download Light CSV download View organizations View Lights Automated visitation Lights cluster analysis map

More features

Read all the details of every feature included in the Bless Partner addon.

Case study

Check out this article in the recent issue of the SBC of Virginia's Proclaimer magazine to learn how London Bridge Baptist Church is using Bless Every Home to maximize their impact in their community.


" is our primary tool to equip people to live on mission and live a Pray-Care-Share lifestyle. We use to track our progress and help disciples live their faith with confidence."

Gary Kendall, Catalyst, Love KC

"We are excited to partner with Bless Every Home to pray for 2.2 million people in Greater Austin by name and share Christ with them. We believe the pray-care-share tool that Bless Every Home has developed is robust and easy to use. It's been a real privilege to work with Chris Cooper and his team on the Austin project and we look forward to partnering to pray for every person in America and the world."

Brian Alarid, President and CEO of America Prays and World Prays and author of "When People Pray"

" encourages and resources our people to cultivate a lifestyle of Prayer, Care, Share, and Disciples. It is even more powerful as we couple it with the New Movers for our region and we also use it to pray for ethnic groups.

I am personally praying for over 100 pastors and key leaders as I pray for each one at least one day each month (on the day of the month corresponding to their birthdate). I have gotten more response from praying and sending them a simple text message than I have gotten with anything that I have done with Pastors in my 35 years of ministry."

Roy Smith, Network Missionary, Cape Fear Network of Churches

"Jesus' idea of Loving our Neighbor is the only truly, effective and scalable plan to reach and care for the world. is an essential tool to activate and sustain this worthy mission."

Randy Frazee, Pastor & Author of The Connecting Church 2.0

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Each addon is separate and unique, offering different features and benefits. Some addons when combined provide synergistic effects. You can add one, more or all addons on top of your always included free church tools.

Bless Partner
Enhanced tracking of your members' pray-care-share progress.
New Movers
Find out who is moving into your mission field.
Community Connector
Demographic data, mapping and mailing lists.
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