Community Connector
Demographic data, mapping and mailing lists.
It's like going from legally blind to eagle eyes on your mission field.
In our complex society, how you pray for and connect with each neighbor will depend on their culture, circumstances and challenges. That's why you and your team can be more effective leaders, making bolder, wiser decisions with the Community Connector outreach toolbox.
It's so easy. If you can use Google Maps, you'll engage immediately. For the first time, you'll see colored markers defining 15 household level attributes for your mission field including ethnicity, length of residence, language spoken, marital status, age group, and more.
Award winning solution
Our Community Connector online solution, under its previous name of the Mapping Center, won the 2014 eXcelerate Award from MissioNexus for "innovation in helping churches accelerate the fulfillment of the Great Commission".
"Want to create urgency? Pull out a map!"
- Steve Pike, Author and National Director, The Church Multiplication Network
As soon as you start clicking on these remarkable new maps your leadership team will gain new insight, direction, hope and energy to fulfill your church mission and vision.
The fact is, these treasure maps can be your most powerful vision-casting leadership and mobilization tools over the coming years.
Map your attenders
Easily map your church attenders and prospects to discover your strategic neighborhoods. With a press of a button, import your data from the Church Community Builder software or upload from a spreadsheet.
If you don't do anything with the Community Connector other than to map your recent visitors and mobilize your closest members to connect with them, you will multiply your return on investment many times over. Your members who are neighbors are far more likely to connect and build sustaining friendships than the typical follow-up visitation teams that don't live nearby.
A St. Louis area church that has been doing this faithfully for six years is turning an amazing percentage of their first time visitors into active new members.
Make each outreach project more successful
Save hundreds of hours of staff time as you do canvassing, prayer-walking, food-drives, back-yard VBS, block parties, neighborhood Bible studies or any kind of outreach project. Now you can create, delegate and track outreach projects within minutes using one-of-a-kind project management tools.
Every church has a mission field sweet spot where they will find their low hanging fruit, i.e. those neighbors who are most likely to visit and join. Determining the sweet spot involves measuring how far you can drive in any direction from the worship center within, say, 10 minutes. But it also is determined by how your member homes are distributed. Those neighborhoods with multiple member homes are your strategic neighborhoods which deserve special attention from your leadership team.
Frustrated by high mailing costs?
Unfortunately, most churches in America fall into one of two categories:
  • They're frustrated by high costs of traditional mailing with no discernible results, so they don't mail at all, or

  • They waste a small fortune mailing to thousands of homes that have little interest or need for the ministry being offered.

Now there's a better way.
You have so many different groups of neighbors that need to be reached with different approaches. For example, young marrieds with young kids; empty nesters, older singles, younger singles, widows and orphans, immigrant neighbors who speak a language other than English in their homes, just to name a few.
The Community Connector empowers you to see your mission field and filter lists of homes within minutes that are most likely to respond to your specific outreaches. And because you can tightly focus your message on interest, while limiting the number of pieces you mail, you can save thousands of dollars and get higher response rates.
Case in point: church saves 70% and connects with more new families
Old way:
A church with a great youth program wants to be seen by families in it's area. So they send 30,000 VBS invitation postcards to every home within five miles for $5,000 (They blew their whole outreach mailing budget and got marginal response.)
Better way:
With the Community Connector the church invests $1,500 mailing to the 3,000 homes with kids between 3 and 10 in neighborhoods within an 8 minute drive of the church, as well as their strategic highly occupied member neighborhoods. Better yet, the church gives selected members a list of their close neighbor homes with VBS age kids for truly personal invitations.
Bottom line:
The church connects with more new neighbor families while saving $3,500 (70%).
Download targeted mailing lists, PDF booklets with colored charts, and spreadsheets with demographic data created on the fly with current information for you project areas.
The Nations Among Us
The U.S. is one of the largest international mission fields in the world and foreign born immigrants who speak languages other than English in the home are the fastest growing segment of our population.
Imagine being able to quickly create a list and maps of neighbors who have probably never heard the Gospel, based on their ethnic groups and languages spoken in the home. Now you can.
Prices for Churches
Average attendance
including children
Yearly plan
save 10%
Monthly plan
0 - 199 $540 $50
200 - 999 $1,350 $125
1,000 - 2,999 $2,700 $250
3,000 - 4,999 $3,510 $325
5,000 or more $4,320 $400
Additional Seat License $250 each (Comes with 3)

Note: The Community Connector is a yearly service and requires a 12 month commitment whether paid annually or monthly.

Prices for Network Organizations
Number of churches
in network organization
Yearly plan
save 10%
Monthly plan
0 - 199 $1,350 $125
200 - 799 $2,700 $250
800 - 1,999 $4,320 $400
2,000 - 3,999 $5,400 $500
4,000 or more $6,480 $600

Note: The Community Connector is a yearly service and requires a 12 month commitment whether paid annually or monthly.

Tutorial Video
This tutorial video gives a quick introduction to organizations who have already subscribed to our Community Connector program on how to use its features. Watch it to understand how your organization will benefit from this service.
  • See your mission field like never before with information on nearly every home in your area.

  • Each home contains more than 15 different likely attributes including ethnicity, length of residence, language spoken, marital status, age group, and more.

  • Upload your organization's attenders file to plot all of your attenders on the map and connect them with new prospects.

  • Apply multiple filters of likely attributes to search for specific groups of people.

  • Easily create projects to learn more about who lives in specific zip codes, neighborhoods, or even down to a single street.

  • Download your projects to create targeted mailing lists and summary reports.

  • Connect with Church Community Builder software.

  • Household information updates every 6 weeks.

  • Integrates with our other products.

  • And much more!

Other addons
Bless Partner
Get better optics on your members missional impact on their neighbors using the BLESS practices.
Help your members become Lights for Christ in their neighborhoods. Use this addon to follow each of your individual Light's pray-care-share progress in detail. Visualize your coverage on maps. Learn the names and addresses of homes being prayed for.
New Movers
Find out who is moving into your mission field.
You will receive a weekly update on the newest people that are moving into your area. These people are likely to be looking for a new church home and may accept an invitation to your church. Visualize them on a map, and pair them with your closest members.
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