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Whether you are a church, an association or network organization, use our online tools to help your members be vibrant, reproducing disciples of Jesus Christ.
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to measure the immeasurable

When you sign your church or network organization up for free, you receive tools to help your members be Lights in their neighborhoods.

Real-time dashboard to track the overall pray-care-share progress of your organization, your state and the whole country.

Promotional tools to get your members onboarded as Lights to live pray-care-share lifestyles in their neighborhoods.

When your organization is signed up, Lights can connect to it. You receive promotional tools to help your members connect. You and all your connected Lights are able to follow the pray-care-share progress of your organization together.

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Optional addons to enhance your service with.
Bless Partner
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Enhanced tracking of your members' pray-care-share progress.

Help your members become Lights for Christ in their neighborhoods. Use this addon to follow each of your individual Light's pray-care-share progress in detail. Visualize your coverage on maps. Learn the names and addresses of homes being prayed for.

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New Movers
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Find out who is moving into your mission field.

You will receive a weekly update on the newest people that are moving into your area. These people are likely to be looking for a new church home and may accept an invitation to your church. Visualize them on a map, and pair them with your closest members.

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Community Connector
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Demographic data, mapping and mailing lists.

The Community Connector gives you an unparalleled look at nearly every home in your area. This service gives you the most comprehensive toolset to connect with your community. The best way to reach people is to know who you are reaching.

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With 21 years of experience and several million dollars of investment we have created 3 solutions specifically designed from the ground up to support the Great Commission in America. We combine state of the art mapping technology with our database containing household level demographic attributes based on either publicly available or self-reported information and the application of highly sophisticated anthroponomastic algorithms. All our websites and mobile apps are being developed by the Best Company of the World.

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